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It will soon become apparent that I am a Learner and Achiever by examining both my educational credentials and my personal experiences thus far in my life's journey.  The main contributor to what I call my success is my insatiable search for wisdom.  There are sages all around us, every day, and we simply need to seek them out and listen, reflect, learn, act and share.  This is what I call, The Educated Effect on our lives.


Through chasing wisdom, I have traveled the world, embraced the nuances of different cultures, learned about myself, taught others, and developed an appreciation for the uniqueness of each of us yet the parity of all humankind.  Being abandoned at birth, adopted by an engineer and a teacher, my chase for knowledge, answers and wisdom seemed innate.  Having each grandparent live in our home at some point near their end of life and volunteering at senior centers since I was 8 years old helped create the understanding that each day is a gift, be kind to others, work hard with integrity, share what you know, learn from mistakes, embrace change, implement the career that you want, and have no regrets.


After earning a BS in Computer Science from NC State University, it was evident that being a girl was going to add an extra challenge to my career in IT.  I do love a challenge!  I used my strengths of Ideation and Strategy and my love of being on a team to achieve my goals.  As I would receive honors, titles, recognition and rewards,  I continued to seek personal growth and knowledge, sought out sages and mentors, ignored the nay-sayers, inspired others to do what they thought was impossible, and have enjoyed watching businesses succeed through their people.  I subscribed to a transformation philosophy of leadership and am now incorporating social responsibility at the core of business success.


Beginning my career twenty-five years ago as a software developer and MRP project manager, I have strategically moved throughout the business disciplines to gain expertise in the many functional areas of a company: operations management, sales, product management, marketing & branding, information technology, project management, change management, business development, enterprise consulting, and talent management. Notable companies of employment have been Milliken & Company, Dialogic/Intel, BellSouth, Syntellect, University of Phoenix, Koninklijke Philips N.V., CGL Companies, and Dassian Strategic Solutions.  In addition to my work in these organizations, I have also served as adjunct faculty in both online, blended, and F2F classroom modalities for several Universities since 2001.


As for my formal educational journey, I completed an Associates in Photography, the BS in Computer Science with a minor in music, a Masters in Technology Management with emphasis in Marketing and the Internet, another Masters in Sport & Exercise Psychology with focus on coaching individuals and teams, and a Ph.D. in Adult Learning (teaching and training) to help discover why adults resist learning and change.  While this list may appear illogical to some, it was very strategically designed and applied to projects and situations along my career as I was always chasing wisdom.

While I continue the chase, I measure my success in life through helping others with their chase of wisdom.


How I Can

Help You

As an experienced professional in a variety of different career paths, I offer a plethora of services catered to your company or organization that will allow you to enhance the learning experience of your employees or members.

Scroll down to contact me so that we can create a comprehensive package tailored to your learning needs.

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